From estudi-CAT together with Siquier Gestions S.L., we inform you of the new service that we offer jointly in order to facilitate the registration of your homes for the holiday rent Holiday rentals

RECOMMENDATIONS TO HOUSING PROPERTY DONATED HIGHLY FOR THE TOURIST RENTAL ACTIVITY THAT ARE NOT AT THIS TIME MAKING ACTIVITY As we know, there is a large number of owners who chose to register the tourist rental activity and who have decided that this season will not rent the house, be it because they live for themselves, the tenguin rented by LAU , or do not try for now to exploit

In the studio we have a qualified team to offer the best options in terms of interior design of your home or business without leaving aside the exterior finishes.  

To complete the service for agricultural constructions projects, we offer a 3d rendering service where you can see a representation of what will be your construction once the work is finished.

You can fins us at Bisbe Campins street, 12 in Palma.

The “Resoluciones de la Dirección General de los Registros y del Notariado y de la Dirección General del Catastro, de 26 de noviembre de 2015” establish the way of communicating the vertices of the cadastral parcels of GEO form referenced through a file in GML format. In estudi CAT we provide the GML, either by taking data or from the information provided by the customer.