Study of plot boundaries


We carry out in less than 5 working days a study of the limits of your plot to confirm the actual borders of your property and to be able to update possible errors in the Land Registry or the Catastro.



Estudio límites parcela

Your property could encompass more than you think

Many plots are wrongly recorded in the property or cadastre register.

These can be historical errors or changes made as a result of misre executed calculations that directly affect the legally recognized surface and the value of your property.

Estudi-CAT helps you to develop a study of the boundaries of the plot. Something necessary to rectify the writing and the borders in the cadastre.

As with building reports, this will allow you to justify the price of the property when selling or applying for a mortgage.

In addition, it is necessary for the appraisal of your property to fit reality.


What does the study of the boundaries of the plot include?

This document, required to update property or cadastre registration information, includes:

  • Certification of the surface of the urban plot or the rustic plot (can be done in conjunction with a building report).
  • Georeferencing (coordinates of the vertices of the parcel).

In addition, our service includes the coordination of all necessary notary processes. This way, you worry and the process speeds up.


Estudio límites parcela

Documents required

First of all, check that you have the necessary documentation.

  • Property deed
  • ID of the property owner
  • Last payment IBI
  • Notification about the changes in Registro de la Propiedad or Catastro

Estudio límites parcela

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